FuelBox Features

Instantly send BOLs when an order is completed

The FuelBox iOS and Android app that makes it possible for your drivers to scan BOLs from their truck and then automatically have the BOL sent to your backoffice, jobber and station owner instantly upon completion of the order. Checkout an example BOL.

Input and track orders digitally

Greatly reduce mistakes by creating a digital paper trail of all of your orders. Every order you input into FuelBox will be available for reference in the future.

Digitally take orders from jobbers

FuelBox gives all of your jobbers their own login to place orders with you digitally, cutting down on mistakes in the order process.

Dispatch orders to drivers right in their trucks

No more confusing orders left over voicemail. The FuelBox driver application shows all the relevant order details, including gallons to be delivered, station address and terminal to pickup from.

Retrieve tank readings for the stations you manage

If you manage stations, FuelBox can call them each morning to get tank readings for the day and help you avoid run outs.

Beautifully Simple Design

Our customers tell us we made a complicated industry simple. You will be able to use FuelBox with no training or background on the software.

Ready to setup a demo? Email us at hello@getfuelbox.com or call 312.857.5535